Thursday, April 30, 2009

duggar family

This has been my riding-into-Beijing reading lately. I was in a taxi when I finished reading it and looked up, kind of jarred out of my sweet thoughts of Arkansas by the towering gray apartments.

My form of escapist literature.

The Duggars make my operation feel like small, mismanaged potatoes.

I'm inspired by their expressions of faith and gratitude, as they tell their stories about trials and miracles with good-natured humor.

They are practical and thrifty. As an example, the reasoning behind the same colored shirts; to save time and money by making fewer loads of laundry. That's not just thrift, that's unity...sacrificing for the good of the whole.

I tried instigating the read the Proverb to match the day of the month routine. So we made it twice in a week...not bad for us. It fostered some good discussion. I think we'll try again this week.
Their website has great pictures of the amazing house that they built themselves. The Duggar home would be a fascinating destination.

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