Friday, May 1, 2009

how to behave

So, my progress on this blog has been blocked by my own self-imposed need to write about a parenting book. I pulled one out more than a month ago. I was having a particularly difficult time getting Mary ready for school in the mornings, and not behaving very well myself.

I like to flip through How to Behave So Your Preschooler will, Too by Sal Severe and read a paragraph here and there, but I have felt really unispired when I’ve tried to read it from cover to cover.
So to move on with things, a few things that I found helpful...

1) Try to calm the child….I need to do better at this. I tend to launch in to a lecture which I am conviced will be so well-spoken that it will surely be the last I need to deliver….never the case. So we just have a loud house and unhappy mom and kids. Its nice when I remember to take a minute and actually savor the opportunity to be the one who is there to comfort another. Its nice. And it usually stops being so loud.

2) Talking about time with kids since they are developing a new sense of sequence and that is important to them so they can feel in control of the day. Just like we feel.

Okay so that’s really all. I’ll put this book back on the shelf for now and try to behave myself better so I won’t have to pull it out again. Its really a great reference, if not the most entertaining parenting book.

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  1. Ooooh. Do you think they have one of these for husbands too? My book would be entitled, "How not to spend all weekend blogging so your husband lands up wanting to strangle you". :)