Sunday, May 31, 2009

are they really monsters

I don’t need to be obsessed with order here. I am afraid my need for order sometimes stifles the kids’ creativity. I also acknowledge that a clean, orderly home protects their creativity. Too much clutter is too distracting.

So I’ll probably be writing about The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron for a while. Actually I’m working in The Artist’s Way Workbook.

One of my first tasks in the section called “Recovering a sense of safety” is to do “time travel”…”describe three old enemies of your creative self-worth.."historic monsters".. hmmm…I am grateful to say that when I travel back in time, I remember encouraging people, including my parents, friends, teachers. I am grateful for that.

So there are a few from my college years. But why dwell on that? I’m grateful that I did take a break from performing…its given me a chance to focus on other important goals…like my family. So I am grateful for those “historic monsters of my creative self-worth…” maybe they didn’t intend any offense anyway.
I worry more that I not be a monster in anyone else’s life. Especially my children.

I’m thinking of Ben’s garbage collection. Could I be thwarting his career as a found artist? I hope not. We did take him to a great found art exhibit last winter. I do encourage it…I just don’t want rotting milk cartons under the bed. I’m going to try to be very encouraging this week. But no Sam, that doesn’t mean I have to buy you a Mac notebook to support your movie making. Not this week at least.

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